Microscopes & Laboratory Equipment

Professional and Medical Microscope
Designed for demanding applications, these full-featured microscopes are binocular, and feature mechanical stages, and dimmable LED lighting. Whether for laboratory, medical or veterinary doctor's practice, animal breeder, or even the pursuits of a serious hobbyist, GreatScopes likely has a microscope for your needs.

From $599
Microscopes for Student or Hobbyist
Great for all ages, these sturdy microscopes are well-constructed with great optics and lighting. Those seeking a lifetime hobby need go no further than these microscopes that show the invisible world in living color.

From $259
Stereomicroscopes, Dissection, Inspection
Called "Stereomicroscopes" or "Dissection microscopes", these scopes feature a large stage for closer viewing of the non-microscopic world. Tiny insects become monsters, flaws in gemstones & coins obvious, and pulling a splinter like pulling a nail! Inexpensive models are available for children, while other models can provide zoom, improved optics, and enhanced lighting for the demands of professional and industrial use.

From $259
Metallurgical Microscopes
Designed for viewing microscopic metallic structures, these instruments provide 50x, 100x, 200x, and 400x magnification with through-the-lens illumination.
From $3,595
Whether you are spinning, blood, urine, fecals, or all three, we have centrifuges to assist you in the lab or on the go
From $309
Just about any microscope can be adapted to capture photo and video. We have cameras to help you do just that over USB or even WiFi!
From $149

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