EXS-210 Stereomicroscope

EXS-210 StereoMicroscope from ACCU-SCOPE


Great for home, classroom, and even light industrial applications. Collectors of all sorts will appreciate its size and ease of use. Any small object can be examined thouroughly with the EXS-210!


  • Choice of magnifications for a wide variety of needs
  • Dual LED lighting (upper and lower)
  • Lighting is battery-pack powered, and rechargeable, even while in use.
  • Convenient size and carry handle
  • 11.75" Tall
  • Comes with dust cover and charging cord


When orderering you'll select from among the following magnification options:

  • 10x / 20x
  • 10x / 30x
  • 20x / 40x
  • 10x / 20x / 30x
  • 10x / 20x / 40x


  • Widefield 10x eyepieces with a 20mm field of view
  • Eyepieces are locked in


  • Binocular viewing head
  • Inclined 45 degrees
  • Rotatable 360 degrees
  • Locked-in to prevent classroom tampering
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment 54-76mm
  • Diopter adjustment +/-5


  • Fixed magnification objectives
  • Easily rotatable objective turret with finger grip allows for rapid and easy magnification change
  • Objectives are parfocal and parcentered
  • Working distance of 57mm


  • Sturdy and stable cast alloy aluminum with an acid resistant finish on a dovetail stand with built-in handle for easy portability.


  • Two-sided focusing knobs with adjustable tension control for rapid, effortless image focusing.


  • 60mm stage plate
  • Frosted glass stage plate in base gives evenly diffused illumination
  • Black and white contrast plate included
  • Stage plates can be locked-in by a recessed Allen screw to prevent tampering


Each microscope is equipped with dual LED illuminators for overhead and underneath illumination. The illuminators are designed to work separately or simultaneously. The LED illuminators are rechargeable for corded or cordless operation.

  • Cordless LED with built-in rechargeable battery. Provides 2 or more hours of illumination depending upon intensity setting.
  • Microscope can be used plugged or unplugged (when charged)
  • LED bulb temperature has a long lamp life of 20,000+ hours

Working Distance:

  • 57mm (The amount of space between the objective lenses and an in-focus subject)


  • 11.75" High
  • 8.5" Deep
  • 7" Wide


  • Dust Cover
  • Instruction sheet
  • Five year, head to toe warranty (bulbs, one year)


  • WF15x Eyepieces (15mm field of view)
  • WF20x Eyepieces (10mm field of view)


  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Design and Production

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