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Centrifuges are for spinning and separating blood, urine, fecals, and more. Available in portable or tabletop versions to meet any budget.


E8 Portafuge Centrifuge
This portable 8-place Portafuge is an economical fixed or variable speed centrifuge designed for spinning on the go or where 120v power is unavailable. For Blood, Urine, Fecals, more.

From $319
E8 Centrifuge
A desk model of our popular E8 Portafuge is also available at a reduced price. For Blood, Urine, Fecals, more.

From $279
Professional and Medical Microscope
Designed for demanding applications, these full-featured microscopes are binocular, and feature mechanical stages, and LED lighting. Whether for Laboratory, Doctor's Office, Veterinarian, animal breeders, or for the pursuits of a serious hobbyist, GreatScopes likely has a microscope for your needs.

From $569

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