EXM-150 Premium Student Microscope

EXM-151 with Mechanical Stage


The EXM-150 Series of microscopes is a school-quality line of microscopes, built with durability and functionality in mind. Heavier-duty than most, it is built to withstand the rigors of school use. It is our go-to microscope when educational institutions call for advice.

  • Locked-in lenses for a dust-free optical path
  • Super sharp focus to help you see the finest details
  • Tangle-free cord hanger
  • Cordless rechargeable lighting for fast and easy setup
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Rear facing objectives
  • Head-to-toe five-year warranty (bulb excepted, 1 year)


WOW what a microscope! (We think you'll agree!)

If you want a PREMIUM student microscope, one that stands head and shoulders above the others, you need look no further than the EXM-150 from ACCU-SCOPE.

All of these features are standard:

  • Quality optical glass DIN achromatic lenses yield 40x 100x 400x
  • Precision Dual Focus (Coarse and Fine) with metal rack and pinion gearing system for long, maintenance free life
  • Wide Angle Eyepiece, Achromatic objectives, parcentered and parfocal
  • Locked in eyepiece and objectives prevent loss while also sealing the optical path against dust
  • LED rechargeable light rated for 20,000 hours of use. The EXM-150 can be used plugged or unplugged! The battery pack lasts about four hours, and the microscope can be used while charging.
  • Rear facing objectives scroll back under the arm of the scope, out of the way
  • Protective Nylon Dust Cover
  • Five year warranty on microscope AND electrical system (bulb excepted)

...available features and options available on certain models:

  • 100x Oil Objective for 1000x
  • Built-in Mechanical Stage
  • Teaching head
  • Digital Camera

What makes the EXM-150 better than an inexpensive microscope?

First let's make a distinction between what we would call a "Hobbyist Quality" microscope and a "School Quality" microscope (the EXM-150 Series).

A Hobbyist Quality microscope will hold up well and do a great job with occasional use. Thousands of our former Student Series microscopes are in the hands of people who use them now and then and enjoy their sharp, clear images. They are well built, economical, and a great way to enjoy the microscopic world.

A school quality microscope, or what we also call a premium microscope, i.e. the EXM-150, has been built to withstand the rigors of frequent and daily use. The EXM-150 is heavier, sturdier, and has been built with an eye to durability and longevity.

Here are some features of the EXM-150 that go beyond the specs and demonstrate the difference between the EXM-150 and so many others:

Locked-in lenses for a dust-free optical system

In our experience, kids like to take things apart if they can. The eyepiece and the objective lenses are locked in so that they cannot be removed without tools. As a result, lenses don't get lost, and your system is sealed and free from the internal dust which can spoil your view. (A nylon dust cover is also included to protect the outside from dust.)

EXM-150 Cord Hanger

Cord Hanger for tangle free storage

The EXM-150 has a cord hanger on the back. When you're finished using the microscope, unplug it, wrap the cord around the hanger, and put it away. Simple - no tangled mess. Whether you are a hobbyist or homeschooler with one scope or a High School with a hundred, you'll appreciate this feature.

Very Fine Focus for greater view of detail

Most student microscopes have two focus knobs - one for coarse and the other for fine focus. That's a big change from just a few years ago. The coarse allows you to rough-in the focus - allowing you to quickly find the specimen on the slide. It is the fine focus that will give you the finesse to focus in on the fine details of your specimen.

Stay with me now... Not all "fine focus" systems are alike. In our experience, many of the fine focus knobs are not so fine. That is, a slight turn of the knob takes you too far. Here's the deal - even though you are looking at something tiny, that thing has thickness. For instance the fine focus should help you to separately focus on the top, middle, and bottom of a fly's wing.

The EXM-150 has an extremely fine fine-focus. If you were to turn the fine focus knob on the EXM-150 while staring at the stage of the microscope (instead of looking through the eyepiece), you would NOT even see the stage move. It is indeed moving, but the movement is so slight you cannot detect it. THAT is what you need to examine that fly's wing.

Most of the student microscopes that we have examined that have coaxial focus (where the coarse and fine focus are part of the same knob) move the stage as much as TWENTY TIMES AS FAR as the EXM-150 does with one turn of the knob.

That is a difference you can appreciate on a premium student microscope like the EXM-150.

EXM-150 Rear Facing ObjectivesRear facing objectives

Something found on many newer design professional microscopes are "rear facing objectives". Most student microscopes, and many professional microscopes have objectives on a turret that scroll out toward the user when being used. The EXM-150 has rear facing objectives. The objectives that are not in use scroll AWAY from the user.

This helps you in two ways:

  • The objectives that are not being used at the moment are out of the way and don't interfere with changing slides, looking directly at the stage, or other functions of the microscope
  • Since the objectives are not inadvertently touched as frequently, they stay cleaner

Rear facing objectives are another reason you might want a premium microscope like the EXM-150.

Heavier construction for longer life

The EXM-150 has a heavier-duty construction than most student microscopes. It weighs nearly TWO POUNDS more than cheap Amazon microscopes. It rests on a larger, sturdier base. If you take care of it, it will last a lifetime.

Mechanical Stage

The EXM-150 and EXM-150-I are supplied with a standard stage with stage clips to hold the slide in place. The slide is moved manually with your fingers.

The EXM-150-MS and the EXM-151 are fitted with a mechanical stage. It will grip the slide, and allow accurate movement of the slide - one knob for left right, the other for up and back.

The built-in stage has low position controls and a slow release lever. These lower controls are beneath the stage, close to the focus knobs, and are easily found without moving your eye from the eyepiece. The slow release lever slowly snugs the slide into place without breakage.


The EXM-150 has a Five Year Warranty. Every other microscope manufacturer that we are aware of only offers a one year warranty on the electrical, that is, the lighting system. The EXM-150 is covered from head-to-toe, including electrical for five full years. (The bulb is excepted, having a one year warranty.)

Read our "How to Buy the Right Microscope" for details on many of the features mentioned above.

Teaching Head Option

A teaching head adds an additional eyetube to the head. This eyetube can be used for a second person to view at the same time or a camera can be mounted in the second tube.

Digital Camera Accessory

This 5.0MP camera can replace the eyepiece for viewing specimens on your computer, grabbing live video, taking pictures, or all three! It offers excellent color reproduction.

Includes feature-rich ACCU-Vision software for image analysis, annotation, measurement, white balance & more.

If you order this accessory (below) you'll receive the the ACCU-CAM 500 eyepiece camera, a USB cable, and an ACCU-View software CD, compatible with Windows 7 and up and Mac OSX 10.4 and up.

If you order it with a teaching head, the camera can be mounted in one eyetube allowing optical viewing in the other. If not, you'd simply replace the one eyepiece with the camera when needed.

If you still have questions about the EXM-150 Premium, please email us or call us toll free at (877) 454-6364. We'll be happy to help in any way we can.


The EXM-150 Series offers four models:






4x, 10x, 40x DIN

4x, 10x, 40x,
100x (Oil) DIN

Total Power

40x, 100x, 400x

40x, 100x,
400x, 1000x


.65 NA Fixed

1.25 NA Focusable





Stage clips

Built-in Mechanical Stage

All models

  • LED Cordless rechargeable Lighting
  • 10x Widefield Eyepieces
  • Course and Fine Focus
  • LED Dimmable Lighting
  • 110v Powered, built-in rechargeable battery pack
  • Slip Clutch to protect focus gears
  • Focus Tension Adjustment
  • Stage Stop to protect slides
  • 14.75" Tall, 8 lbs.
  • Nylon Dust Cover

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