Our School & Hobbyist microscopes are within the reach of most budgets and are great for young and old. Well-built and with nice optics, these microscopes can be found in schools and homes coast-to-coast. Many seeking a lifetime hobby need go no further to see the invisible world in living color. Microscopes like these are called "compound" microscopes and offer optics from 40x to 1000x.

Microscopes for Schools & Hobbyists

Buy the Right Microscope
In your search is your head spinning with questions like:
  • What type of illumination is best for my needs?
  • How can I tell what kind of optics I am getting?
  • Which components do I need, and which can I do without?
  • What are ABBE, Iris, and DIN, and why are they important?
EXM-150 Student Microscope
Our top-of-the-line Student Microscopes, these school quality microscopes are built to last - with a 5 Year warranty to back it up. The LED Cordless design simplifies setup and use in school or at home... we think the EXM-150 deserves a serious look.
Student Pro Series Microscopes
The Student Pro has LED Variable lighting and a great built-in mechanical stage just like professional scopes! For an affordable scope that is a cut above the others, check out the Student Pro.

EXC-121 Microscope
A microscope engineered for demanding classroom applications, ACCU-SCOPE's EXC-121 Monocular is equipped with sharp, high contrast objectives on a rugged, die-cast aluminum frame. Its ergonomic focusing controls, all brass gears and the widest field of view eyepieces in its class, the EXC-121 delivers value and performance!

EXS-210 Stereomicroscope
While not a compound microscope for slides, the EXS-210 is a fantastic tool for school and hobbyist alike. Portable and combining sharp, crisp optics with variable LED illuminators, the EXS-210 Stereo Microscope Series provides users with many professional features for use in classroom applications or light industrial inspections.

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