Unitron ZoomHD Digital Inspection Microscope

Unitron ZoomHD Digital Inspection Microscope


The ZoomHD from UNITRON is a digital inspection microscopy marvel!

Ideally suited for environments where rapid observation is desired, the ZoomHD delivers with a variety of configurations.

Here are a few of the features and benefits of the ZoomHD:

  • The ZoomHD delivers crisp HD images to the built-in or a user-supplied monitor
  • The wide 7:1 zoom ratio and click stops permits reproducible observation at specified magnifications
  • Adjust the built-in illumination to match the sample with the integrated LED ring light
  • No PC required - simply use the on-board software to adjust camera settings, take photos or video, take measurements, and more

The ZoomHD is available with or without the integrated HD monitor and offers the following stand options:

  • Track stand
  • Pole stand
  • Boom stand
  • Gliding boom stand
  • Ball bearing boom stand
  • Focusing pole mount (no stand)


Live HD Images for Rapid Inspection

The 2.0 megapixel camera of the ZoomHD delivers crisp, sharp images for live viewing or captured photos. Connect an HD monitor to the ZoomHD (HDMI cable included), or chose the ZoomHD model with integrated HD monitor, to view live images.

Wide 7:1 Zoom Range

The ZoomHD offers a 0.7x-5.0x magnification range with click stops at 0.7x, 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x and 5x. Magnification can be easily adjusted using the zoom wheel on the front of the microscope.

Integrated LED Ring Light A With 56 bright LEDS, the integrated LED ring light delivers brilliant, even illumination across the field of view. Use the adjustable intensity to provide the right amount of light for your sample.

On-screen Camera Control With Optional Monitor —No PC required!

The ZoomHD features built-in camera software that is readily controlled using the included wireless mouse. Users can adjust white balance, exposure, high dynamic range, gain and more. Save images directly to the user-supplied USB drive. No need for a PC!

Two USB 2.0 side ports allow for easy and quick connection of the wireless mouse (included) and a USB flash drive (not included). Connect an HD monitor via the HDMI port, and use the camera button to snap an image (images are saved to your USB flash drive).


Zoom Body

- Zoom lens 0.7x—5.0x with click stops


- 1x objective (included), W.D. 105mm, FOV 25mm-3.5mm (CAT# 147-15-01)0.5x objective (optional), W.D. 170mm, FOV 51mm-7mm (CAT# 147-15-05)


- Integrated LED ring light with 56 LEDs, adjustable intensity, color temperature 5000-5500K


- Built-in 2.0 MP CMOS camera with HDR adjustment


- Built-in camera and software; on-screen controls (with optional monitor) for rapid inspection

Input / Output Modes

  • HDMI Output for Video
  • Two USB 2.0 Ports
  • Included: Wireless mouse and HDMI cable with models requiring user-supplied HD monitor


- USB drive (not included)

Choice of Stands

(There are photos of the stands in the Photos tab below.)

- Track stand: Shown in the photo in the ordering section, the focus mechanism rides in a track running the length of the vertical column, about 14 inches tall.

- Pole stand with post mount: The head mount is held in the desired position by means of a friction knob, and focusing can be within a few inches of that position. The entire assembly can be moved higher or lower on the pole as desired by loosening, moving, and retightening as desired.

- Boom stand: The focus mechanism is mounted on the end of a single boom for situations where extended reach is needed. There are Delrin® inserts in focus block for extra smooth movements. The base dimensions are 10" x 10", the vertical post is 14  3/8" high, and the horizontal post extends out 20 3/8". A safety collar protects the ZoomHD from damage.

- Gliding boom stand: The boom arm is slotted and glides across a pair of rollers mounted by the vertical pole for ease of use. The base dimensions are 11 1/4" x 15" with a vertical post of 13 7/8" and a 22 1/4" horizontal gliding arm with locking knob and safety collar.

- Ball bearing boom stand: This is the smoothest operating of the boom stands, with a double armed boom supported on a ball bearing mechanism for effortless repositioning. The base dimensions are 10" x 10" with a 15.5" vertical post and a 23" horizontal arm with safety collar. At the end of the boom, the head is mounted on a rack and pinion focus mechanism for fine tuning the image.

- The ZoomHD is also available on a focusing pole mount without a stand, for mounting on a pole or application of your own

Monitor Format

- Hi Definition with HDMI output from the ZoomHD for input into either the integrated HD monitor or your own monitor

Power Supply

- 100/240v; 50/60Hz; 12V, 3.3A power consumption

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