Z4 Zoom Stereomicroscope

3072 StereoMicroscope from ACCU-SCOPE


Elegant Power: Fluid 7x - 45x Zoom with Dual LED Lighting and Trinocular, Flex Arm, and Boom Stand Options

The Z4 Zoom Stereo-microscope on Dual-LED lighted stand is a laboratory-grade microscope designed for medical, veterinary, and industrial professionals. The zoom optics magnify from 7x to 45x, producing amazing 3-D depth of focus and clarity for critical applications such as embryo transfer, dissection, dental lab QC, industrial inspection, and electronics rework.

The long-life upper and lower LED lights provide variable, cool, daylight illumination for viewing true-color specimens and high-contrast structures. The Z4 Zoom is the perfect choice for demanding professionals performing critical inspections.


The Z4 Zoom High Resolution stereo zoom microscope, is ideal for use in:

  • Agriculture
  • Biology
  • Electronics
  • Forensics
  • Forestry
  • Geology
  • Gemology
  • Jewelry
  • Precision Machine
  • Veterinary Medicine

Its clear imaging and broad field of view make it perfect for microphotography and observation of fine structure. The optional trinocular head tube is ideal for education and documentation.

Dual Illumination

  • LED incident light (over subject), dimmer controlled
  • LED transmitted light (sub-stage) for lighting translucent subjects, also dimmer controlled
  • Daylight LEDs for natural color


  • 110-220V AC, 50-60Hz
  • 2 amp fuse protected


  • Wide Field High-Point 10x eyepieces make removing eyeglasses optional
  • 0.7 to 4.5x hard-coated objectives
  • 104mm Working Distance (3.7 inches)

Adjustment Controls

  • Large dual focusing knobs
  • Rack & Pinion based for long, heavy duty use
  • Height adjustment with bottom stop


  • Frosted stage plate softens transmitted light
  • Optional Flex Arm stand available (shown to right)

Optical Head

  • Inclined 45 degrees
  • Full 360 degree rotation
  • Removable rubber eyeguards
  • Interpupillary adjustment (50 to 75mm)
  • Dual diopter adjustment
  • Trinocular optional - for mounting a camera or for second user


  • Acid and reagent resistant coating


  • Large dual focusing knobs with metal rack & pinion
  • Metal pinion gear zoom mechanism
  • Dual position focus rack
  • Maximum height 7.75” from stage to scope


  • Height: 13” (330mm)
  • Length: 10.5” (267mm)
  • Width: 8” (203mm)
  • Weight: 7.75lbs (3.5kg)

Trinocular Option

  • Includes light splitting mechanism, so that during photography, the light and image from one eyepiece is diverted to the photo tube, preserving the quality of the image.
  • Provides unimpeded viewing while allowing CCD video camera connection.  Threading allows direct connection to one of our microscope cameras.
  • Note: The trinocular head cannot be added later to the binocular model, you'll need to make your choice at the time of purchase.

Flex-Arm Options

The Z4 Stereozoom is available on Flex-Arm allowing great versatility of movement and viewing subjects. Tall and/or wide objects can be examined with these scopes.

You'll find these model Z4's HERE.

Optional Lenses

  • 15x Eyepieces (10x included standard)
  • 0.5x Supplementary lens

The supplementary lens screws in beneath the objectives and can be used in combination with eyepieces, which just drop in place.

Supplementary lenses affect working distance (the space between the lens and the in-focus object) while eyepieces do not.

These items can be found under the ACCESSORIES tab.

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