Stereomicroscopes feature large stages and two complete sets of optics for 3D viewing of small items. Essential in many industries, there are also inexpensive models available for hobbyists and students.

Stereo Inspection Microscopes

EXS-210 Student Stereomicroscope
The ZoomHD Digital Inspection Microscope from Unitron is a digital inspection microscopy marvel! Ideally suited for environments where rapid observation is desired, the ZoomHD delivers with a variety of configurations.

EXS-210 Student Stereomicroscope
The EXS-210 is a fantastic student sized tool for school and hobbyist alike. Portable and combining sharp, crisp optics with variable LED illuminators, the EXS-210 Stereo Microscope Series provides users with many professional features for use in classroom applications or light industrial inspections.

3072 Stereomicroscope
Step up to a professional grade Stereomicroscope with the 3072 Series from ACCU-SCOPE. Advanced, modular design incorporating many professional features, the 3072 Stereo Microscope Series is ideal for classrooms, light industrial applications and serious hobbyists.

Z4 StereoZoom
The Z4 has all the advantages of a stereomicroscope and adds an incredible 7x to 45x zoom. Sporting one of widest magnification zoom ranges on the market today, it has a generous stage area and features lighting from overhead and beneath.

Pneumatic Flex-Arm Stereomicroscope
Featuring a movable pneumatic arm stereo optics, this versatile instrument is always within reach.

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